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preorder policy

How long will my preorder take to get to me?
Preorder production time on things like pins and charms are usually around 4 weeks, for larger items such as tumblers, sketchbook/notebooks and apparel it can be 3 months+
Having said this, delays some times happen and we will always update social media if any issues occur.
Can I cancel my preorderPreorders can not be canceled once placed. You are committing to helping fund the production of this item when placing a preorder.Can I cancel my preorder because it is delayed?Some times in situations of extreme delay we will offer cancelations on preorders but that is up to our discretion and will be posted on social media.

store f.a.q

Where is my order?All orders are sent an email (unless you do not provide your email) with order and tracking information. Please check your email before reaching out to help us limit email congestion.Please note preorder items can take anywhere from a few weeks or months to be delivered depending on the item. You can check the status of preorder items on my card page. I try to keep it as updated as possible.If you have concerns about a package that has been delayed or seems to have gone missing please email me WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER :)What shipping company do you use?All orders are shipped with USPS and come with trackingWhy did I not receive a order confirmation email?If you did not add an email on check out, you will not receive order information or tracking information to your email.When will my order ship?Please allow at least 2 weeks for order processing. We are only two people so delays can happen! Please be patient.PLEASE NOTE: SHIPPING TIME IS CALCULATED AFTER WE PROCESS THE ORDERS. IF YOU PAY FOR EXPEDITED SHIPPING (EXAMPLE- PRIORITY) This will NOT speed up the processing time, just the time it will take to get to you ONCE IT HAS BEEN SENT.How long will my order take to get to me?Domestic packages usually arrive 3-7 days after the order is shipped. International orders can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks, but shipping times can be doubled or more due to covid delays.Where do you ship to?Currently I can ship to any country that USPS ships to, except the UK because of tax laws.Can I track my package?You can track your package through USPS on their website with the tracking number you were provided in your email.(please allow up to 48 hours for tracking to update)What if my order is lost/damaged/missing?If you haven't received your order, email me at [email protected] and I'll see what I can do to fix the issue.If your order has been received and is damaged, please reach out to USPS and fill out an insurance claim form. We can not be held responsible for any damage incurred in shipping.If your order says delivered, or has been dropped off to usps at all, we unfortunately can not do anything and you will have to contact usps.RETURNS/EXCHANGES
Do you accept returns?
We only accept returns on incorrect items.
We do not do exchanges or returns on any apparel unless you received an incorrect item.
All apparel orders are final sale once opened.
Thank you for understanding.
What forms of payment do you take?All orders are processed through Paypal or Stripe

Warehouse orders

Why do some items ship separately?One of the biggest issues we face as a small business with limited space is finding a place to fit all our stuff! Partnering up with a third party fulfillment company for some of our items helps us offer more apparel types in more sizes with out worrying about space and helps us manage our growing influx of orders with out delaying our shipping times!Why is my shipping price so high when including warehouse items?These items have to be shipped separately so they incur a separate shipping cost, which is added together with the shipping cost of your other items at check out.I reached the free shipping threshold, but I am still being charged shipping?
Items shipped from our fulfillment warehouse are not eligible for free shipping, but the shipping of your other items will be free!
What is the difference between the warehouse apparel and the rest of the apparel on the websiteThe sweatshirts that are shipped from us directly are screen printed, vs the ones that are shipped from our fulfillment partner use DTGWhat is DTG
Direct-to-garment, or DTG, is a printing method that sprays ink onto the garment. The ink then soaks into the fibers of the garment. It's like printing on paper, but on clothing. This differs from Screen printing which is a process where ink is forced through a mesh screen onto a surface. This means each color on a screen printed shirt has to be set up and printed one at a time which is a very time and labor intensive process!
DTG is a much less time and labor intensive which allows us to order less at a time vs screen printing we have to order and store 100s of pieces for each design.
This means we can offer a wider variety of sizes and apparel types.
Most of the apparel that you encounter in the world is DTG unless it is specifically stated to be screen printing.(DTG can be less vibrant than screen printing so please keep this in mind, especially when ordering things on black!)


I understand that starting out as an artist it can be daunting to find resources on where to start getting things made, so I wanted to make this section to address the many questions that I receive asking me where I produce my items/what I use to make them etc.I am ok with sharing some of the manufacturers and resources that I work with however, there are a few manufacturers that I won't be publicly sharing.In the past, I've had some not-so-great experiences when I openly shared certain sources. It led to some complications, and I've learned from that. Additionally, some fellow artists have asked me not to disclose their resources, which I want to respect.As creatives, we should always support and understand each other's boundaries. So, while I can't divulge everything, I hope this helps some people get on the right track.At the bottom of this page I have linked other pages and resources from other artists sharing their information!

What programs do you useVector: Adobe Illustrator
Painting/Drawing: Adobe Photoshop and Procreate
Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop
What hardware do you use24" Imac + 4tb external hard drive
Huion Kamvas Pro 24"
(look for refurbished deals/holiday sales, I got mine almost half off and I love it!)
IPad Pro 12.9"
Rollo Wireless thermal printer
(I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH highly recommended!!)
I shoot all my photos and video on my iPhone 15 pro
Where do you get your stickers made?
I get 90% of my stickers made through Sticker App, but I use Jukebox print and Vograce on and off some times. I get my thank you stickers made in bulk (1000+) through Alibaba.
Where do you get your charms/enamel pins/lanyards/coasters/tumblers/ other items made?
I get these made through a mix of Alibaba, Group Orders, Vograce, and Zap Creatives.
A great resource is the Margalita Pizza Group Order discord server, which you can find here:
Which offers tons of different products from specialty acrylic, minky, wood, PVC and tons more.
I get asked very often where I get my magnet heart charms, and if you are looking for them separately to add yourself, you can find them on Etsy. If you want them as part of your manufacturing process, just ask any manufacturer you are working with if they can add them for you.Where do you get your screen printing done
Night Owl Prints
Where do you get your packing products
Mailers: for poly mailers, for bubble mailers
Shaped packing peanuts: (these are really expensive compared to other packing peanuts but they are biodegradable!)
Custom envelopes (for patreon): Alibaba
(I also use amazon in a pinch)
Where do you get your convention displays
I use a local print shop but they're just 12x12 or 12x24 boards of coroplast (what political signs are made of) or foam core that they print on, which almost any printing place can/will do
Coroplast holds up better over time to wear and tear, but foam core boards have a better print quality.
I then put holes in the boards myself and zip tie all of my charms to the boards for easy set up. Pins I just punch into the boards.

resources from other artists

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